A mini pride was held at the University of Sheffield’s Students Union today (24th February) to celebrate LGBT+ History Month. 

Students of all backgrounds set off on a March from the Students Union concourse and through Weston Park, while being led by a samba band. People were seen sporting the LGBT+ rainbow colours while handing out pride flags to onlookers.  

Jamie Shipp, LGBT+ Officer at the Sheffield Students Union and organiser of the event, said:

“It’s so easy to feel disheartened by the media and the government about trans rights, especially at the moment. I think it’s so important to find that space you feel safe and welcome in.”

“I hope that today people of all LGBT+ identities will come together and demonstrate that our community is proud and strong when we stand with each other against adversity,” he added. 

Sheffield SU has been holding a series of events, such as film screenings and talks throughout February to commemorate the month dedicated to observing the history of struggles faced by the minority group. 

Jamie also said he hopes that LGBT+ students feel like they can turn to the SU if they feel lost in other areas of their lives. 

Additionally, local vendors, performers and support groups, such as Sexual Health Sheffield, were at the event. 

El, 26, a bookseller at the event, said: “I’m really happy that the Students Union is holding this event and celebrating queerness.”

Other parts of the Students Union were also at the event to advertise their support. 

Iwan James, 21, Wellbeing and Sports Officer at the Students Union, said:

“We’re trying to raise awareness about pride in sport. Often it is difficult to get feel included in sport, so we’re here to get the LGBT+ community involved with a day of giving different sports a go.”

“We’re also selling rainbow laces and all the proceeds will go to SAYiT Sheffield, a charity providing support for LGBT+ youths,” he added.