Veezu driver Mehrdad breaks down in interview over the reasons why drivers for the company protested outside their offices this week.

Furious drivers have said that the amount they will have to hand over in commission is now set to increase from 20% to 35%. Also, the company lowering fares have impacted them too, with them saying that they aren’t paid as much as they would with a higher price for the customer, which they say is unlike rivals such as Uber.

Protests earlier on in the week took place outside the Sheffield offices of Veezu, with many turning out to voice their anger at the change.

Mehrdad, who works for both Uber and Veezu, explains that it makes accepting journeys on the app ‘’less worthwhile.”

“Out of all the trips I accept daily, probably only two or three are Veezu. The majority by far are through Uber. They [the companies] are incomparable.”

In the video below he breaks down the problems and why he and so many drivers are feeling outraged.

ShefNews has contacted Veevu and they have not to date provided a comment.