A brand new doughnut and coffee shop has opened on Glossop Road, using only natural ingredients sourced from Sheffield.

Joe & Dough, located opposite the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, opened a few weeks ago, showcasing a variety of baked doughnuts handmade by owner Joe Tomlinson. 

Mr Tomlinson said: ‘’I’ve always wanted to set up my own business and I’ve been thinking about making doughnuts for a couple of years. 

‘’I’m nearly 40 years old and if I’m not going to do it now then when am I going to do it?’’

Customers can purchase sweet doughnuts such as a Glazed Ring or sample savoury options not usually available in supermarkets, such as ‘Cheddar and Hendo’s Onion Chutney’.

After being open for a few weeks the shop seems to be attracting more customers which Mr Tomlinson thinks indicates that it may be time to think about hiring someone else

He said: ‘’Obviously the first couple of weeks I had a fair amount of spare time but it’s been going in the right direction each week.

‘’I know I’ve got some big orders coming in later this week so it’s probably only a few weeks away from looking at putting out a job advert.’’