Today marks National Endangered Species Day and an expert has warned of the impact humans have on endangered species across both South Yorkshire and the UK.

This comes after the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust stated that Yorkshire’s wildlife is in crisis and if nothing is done then we could see critical and much-loved creatures disappear completely.

Chris Oram, secretary of the Orchard Network at the People’s Trust for Endangered Species said: “When you really boil it down, there are too many of only one species, humans.

“There are too many for any ecosystem to support. The only way we will ever solve this is to find planet B, C and D, and fundamentally change the way our economy works.”

In a positive development, back in January at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Najuma, a seven-year-old Black Rhino, gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Black rhinos are critically endangered and are being kept as part of an international breeding programme attempting to revive the species.

As well as this, the park in Doncaster is also home to Amur Leopards of which there are estimated to be only 120 left in the world.

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