A new national report has called for urgent reform to the maintenance support system after research found that students are not receiving enough money to live.

The Sutton Trust, a leading educational charity, has found that for 57% of students, the maximum loan does not cover essential costs. In comparison, 19% find that even housing costs exceed the available loan.

Lucy Martin, a University of Sheffield student, said: “Because I get the minimum student loan, it means that day-to-day life is really hard. I have to ration out my money, and when I go to the shops, it can be really embarrassing.”

Students attending university in South Yorkshire can receive a maximum maintenance loan of £9,978 per year. However, the average student spends £11,400 per year on essentials.

The report also predicts that for the 2024/25 academic year, students will be £2,000 worse off than if rises in maintenance support had been in line with inflation since 2021/22.

The Trust has advised the next government to reintroduce maintenance grants for poorer students and increase the overall maintenance available to reflect students’ costs better.

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