The Sheffield Symphony Orchestra will bring classical masterpieces to High Storrs School tomorrow.

Conducted by Juan Ortuño, the performance will showcase Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2, a vibrant and lively piece known for its captivating melodies and dynamic range. 

The Sheffield Symphony Orchestra is a large orchestra of experienced, skilled players and music professionals. It offers adventurous programmes for the larger orchestra.

Their aim is to inspire a whole new generation of young music lovers and musicians and to break down barriers between classical musicians and their audiences.

The performance also includes Beach’s Piano Concerto, an expressive and technically demanding work, performed by soloist Ben Powell, highlighting the romantic era’s depth and complexity. Sibelius’s Symphony no. 1 concludes the evening.

It will offer a journey through lush textures and stirring motifs, reflecting the composer’s unique voice and the landscapes of his Finnish homeland. This varied program promises an evening of emotional depth and musical brilliance.

Shefnews got the chance to join one of their rehearsals and talked to members of the Orchestra. To learn more about the event and to purchase tickets, click here