The first in a new series of blue plaques to raise awareness of Sheffield’s ‘unique football history’ was unveiled today (May 17).

The plaque commemorates Cemetery Road Church FC, which was the first football club in the world to originate from a church. 

The church on Napier Street no longer exists, with the site now taken up as a Nuffield Health Sheffield Fitness and Wellbeing Gym

Steve Wood, Trustee of the Sheffield Home of Football Charity, said: “There are some very famous clubs who started from church communities, such as Man City, Aston Villa and Liverpool. It’s so special we can celebrate Cemetery Road Church FC in Sheffield being the first.” 

The earliest records of the team are from a club meeting on the 5 November 1861. 

Nicki Cox, Operations Manager of Nuffield Health, said: “It’s been a fantastic atmosphere today at Nuffield. We’re extremely honoured that we’ve got the first plaque to be unveiled in this series. To have the Dean of Sheffield here has been absolutely amazing. It’s a real honour.”  

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