A man marking the 35th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster by running from Anfield to London will complete his challenge this weekend.

Mik Parkin, 52, from Leeds, is a Liverpool fan who has fundraised money for those families effected by Hillsborough for several years, as well as children’s hospitals in Liverpool and Sheffield.

He said: “Until you meet someone who’s been personally affected by it, you know about it but you don’t fully understand it.

“After that, I was like, anything I can do to help these people, I’ll do that. Since then we’ve done a few different runs.”

Mik arrived at the Hillsborough memorial in Sheffield on Sunday and is set to arrive at Grenfell tower tomorrow.

Yesterday, Mik, who has been tweeting about his experience, arrived in Wilsted, Bedfordshire. With his last 30 mile stretch of the route, he is on track to hit his destination tomorrow. 

The run is 227 miles in length, travelling through major cities from Liverpool to Manchester, up to Sheffield and then finally to London as they all represent places of tragedy. His aim of raising £2,270 has already been reached.

The Grenfell tower tragedy killed 72 people in their own homes. The block of flats in London was on fire for 60 hours. This links the two places, Grenfell and Hillsborough, as they’re places where an inquest has arose from people’s deaths.

Mik wants to raise more support for the Hillsborough Law which would help the process of receiving justice in cases which involve tragedy for example, Hillsborough and Grenfell.

The law would entail a legal obligation for public authorities and officials to be truthful and to actively assist with government inquiries and investigations.

He said: “We’re missing out on stopping this additional pain for families. Why do we have to find out the truth by having to crowbar it out of people with thousands of pounds in legal fees?”

Mr Parkin said if people are unable to donate, he would urge them to contact their MPs to establish their support for the law.

Donate via Mik’s online GiveWheel page and follow along for live updates on his Twitter (formerly X).