Today, in the Medio-Legal Centre Coroner’s Court on Watery Street, a talk with the Senior Coroner for South Yorkshire (West), Mrs. Tanyka Rawden took place. 

It ran from 9.30am to 12pm and aimed to share the role of the Coroner and the inquest process with the public.

Bob Swarbrick, Management Trainee and one of the organisers for today’s event, says: “Death will affect everyone and we’re dealing with vulnerable times. 

“Often after the death of loved ones, it’s difficult to make decisions especially when you don’t know what we do and that can be stressful.”

The event was run by Sheffield City Council’s Bereavement and Coronial Services, who were initially approached by Compassionate Sheffield to host a few events, to highlight the importance of the Coroner

Around 36% of deaths are reported to and investigated by the Coroner.

Mr. Swarbrick says: “We were delighted with the turnout and over 50 people attended the talk. Everyone was interested and we’re all looking forward to our next event.”

Compassionate Sheffield, formed in 2021 as part of the city’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy, runs the festival. It is composed of more than 40 free events being held across Sheffield over May. 

They manage 16 cemeteries and two crematoriums, with their next event being held at City Road Cemetery for a tour for members of the public on the 28th. 

He says: “We want to improve our external relationships and this festival really helps us make a connection to the public. These events let them gain a sense of what we do which really helps them through the bereavement process.”

Click here to learn more about Compassionate Sheffield and the festival.