Kathryn Watson unveiled a new solo art exhibition inspired by nature on Friday 3 May.

Kathryn is a fine art artist who creates ceramic sculptures located in Sheffield.

The exhibition is centred around the structure of nature and will be shown up until the 1st of June.

Kathryn, 64, said: “The following four sightings were the starting point for the work: leaf stems on a tarmac path, alliums rising like castle turrets, a fleshy exotic plant that evolved into dancing flowers and an arched branch of rosy red apples.”

The exhibition was well received by the members of the public who attended the opening.

Sue Campbell, 53, who was there for the unveiling, said: “It was all very beautiful, the unusual forms of the pieces were captivating and seeing them all in one place was amazing.”

Kathryn has been creating art her whole life, she said, “I loved any creative activity as a child and throughout my life I have made things. The process of making it is the most important part for me. Once the work is made, it is up to the audience to interpret the art as they wish.”

Jack Baker, who also attended the opening, said: “It’s such an interesting take on nature, the sculptures are so different to anything I’ve seen before, I’ve been a fan of Kathryn’s for years now and love her work.”

All the sculptures are hand built and range from small maquettes to 1.5 metres tall, all showcased together which has not been seen before.

One sculpture is a free standing lattice structure resembling blocks of stone that have been intricately carved or hewn from from the once solid structure, formed through the removal of clay rather than constructing.

Her Sculptures are designed to be viewed in an outdoor setting, with many of them in Cupola’s sculpture garden, and must be tough enough to withstand the elements. 

She has been working with Cupola for 10 years, and although she has been part of their group exhibitions before, this is her first solo exhibition.

Cupola gallery displays over 300 artists’ work in a range of different art forms.

The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.