Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder spoke of his plans for the upcoming Everton game, along with the discussions being had surrounding contract.

Saturday sees The Blades’ last away game in the Premier League. Wilder wants to ensure that the team are making the most of their chances, despite their relegation from the division two weeks ago.

“Everyone who’s watched us, especially in the last month, knows that we haven’t gotten the results and the performances that we’ve deserved given the chances we’ve had.”

Sheffield United lost 3-1 to Nottingham Forest last week, who have also been fighting to avoid relegation to the Championship.

Wilder said: “There’s no doubt about it, we should’ve been up 3-0 at halftime against Forest. But the picture changes. Where the game was evenly poised, it shouldn’t have been. Forest just found that moment of magic.”

Wilder also spoke about the strength of Everton’s team.

Looking forward, Wilder is excited about the prospects that the transfer period is going to offer the club.

“We’re not going to have an open chequebook, so we’re going to have to be really smart. We’re in a vulnerable position because of the finances involved in the Premier League.

“It isn’t fantasy football, something you can do on a laptop and go ‘bang bang bang’. We’ve got to fit it all together like a jigsaw puzzle.”

Wilder adds that the club are now at the point where they’re speaking to players about their futures, and by the middle of next week they hope to be at a stage where they’ll be able to talk publicly about where the clubs decisions are standing.

“There are certain players who we want to surround ourselves with, who we see taking us forward, and some who we don’t. It’s not a personal decision, its just how it is and how we’re trying to structure the club to make an immediate comeback next season.

“We want to build up that database of players by getting eyes on them, but there’s a lot of hard work to be done with putting together lists and making sure that all the boxes are ticked for the new players coming in.”