A new Sheffield bakery is causing a stir with wacky and weird fillings that would surely upset the French.

The cafe on Division Street in Sheffield City Centre, formerly known as Cawa, rebranded in early 2024 to fully specialise in the sale of sweet and savoury croissants.

Croissants can be bought cold or toasted by a member of staff for a taste experience that rivals the strangeness of ketchup on pasta.

Manager of the café, Mustafa Ariya, hailed the viral croissant fillings as ‘the reason people come down and check us out.’

“Why not? Why not try something different?”

The cafe garnered social media attention for their unusual pastry fillings, including Chicken Shawarma, Doner Meat, Wagyu Beef and more.

Outlets like ‘Exposed Magazine’ and ‘The Sheff’ have made La Croissantera’s unusual fillings go viral on Tik-Tok, causing a spike in customers.

Reviews of the unusual pastries have been mixed so far, with one user commenting, “for the record, this place is terrible.”

However, the reception at large has been positive. Speaking to one customer sitting outside who had bought a Blueberry Dream croissant, they were delighted.

“It’s a really cool place and it brings something new to Sheffield. I can’t say I’ve ever thought of filling a croissant with meats and savoury foods before.”

In response to the baked goods going viral, Mustafa has justified the wacky fillings as being culturally diverse and having enough for variety to please any customer.