ShefNews exclusive data reveals that referrals to Barnsley Safeguarding Team are up 55 per cent.

Only seven per cent of that number comprises of public referrals, with the rest coming from professionals.

Cath Erine, Safeguarding Adults Service Manager for Barnsley Council, said: “I would love for more people to feel confident coming forward.

“I think the reason they don’t is that word, safeguarding. For them, it might remind them of children’s safeguarding, which may be more intrusive.”

One possible reason for the low number of referrals, especially self-referrals from members of the public, is a lack of understanding and confidence. 

Ms Erine said: “It’s completely different from the adults we work with, and they are in the driving seat of the help they receive.” 

Barnsley’s Safeguarding team took this increase positively, said: “We’re happy seeing people come forward with their problems.”

This is something that Barnsley Safeguarding are hoping to improve in the future, they believe these referrals are just as if not more important than those from professional workers. 

More information on Safeguarding can be found on the teams website here and concern regarding adults can be made to (01226) 773300.