Last Saturday, the UK observed National Train Day, a celebration of locomotive-related activities and history. 

Amtrak, an American federal rail service, began this holiday in both the US and the UK back in 2008, and every year since, it is held on the Saturday closest to May 10.

The event was originally held to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the first steam-powered passenger holding railroad in the world, which was opened in the UK in 1830.

There are many minor ways to pay homage to trains on a national day like this one, whether it’s booking a ticket on the cheapest EMR journey or finding a railway museum.

Sheffield didn’t hold any celebrations this year, but some students found a way to commemorate the day.

A group of engineering students at the University of Sheffield meet year-round, to coordinate, manufacture, and plan their projects.

They will be competing against other university teams of engineers in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Railway Challenge.

The challenge celebrates its 13th consecutive year, testing each team’s business knowledge, design ability, and technical skills in a live test environment.