University encampments and protests across the UK have remained resilient for over two weeks in support of Palestine.

On 1 May, students and staff at universities in Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield set up a ‘Mayday’ encampment protest in solidarity with Palestine.

In Sheffield, students have been sleeping in tents outside the University of Sheffield Student Union building,

A student at the University of Sheffield who has asked to remain anonymous said: “The protesters have remained resilient for many weeks now. It’s really inspiring.”

The Student Union, has been providing essential amenities such as shower and toilet facilities, hot food, and blankets for the encampment.

The Sheffield Campus Coalition (SCCP) continues to demonstrate solidarity through public assemblies, fundraising, and educating students on campus.

Alexandra Hulme, a University of Sheffield student, has contributed to supporting the encampment and has even stayed for ‘several days at a time’.

Speaking as herself, rather than on behalf of the Sheffield Campus Coalition, she said: “The camp morale remains high due to the support we’ve received from the community.”