The owners of former Division Street cocktail bar, “Gatsby” have reopened the venue under new name “The Foresters”.

The Gatsby closed at the end of 2023 after 13 years and has now been revamped and brought back to life as The Foresters.

The pub was originally established in 1828, but has taken 196 years to finally make its triumphant return as what the owners say is “the city centre’s new local”.

Alex Thompson (@chumschalks on Instagram), is a long-time employee of the establishment, and was commissioned to paint the pub’s new sign.

He said: “I worked at “Gatsby” for over five years. It was actually the first place that ever commissioned me to hand paint a sign. I have countless fond memories of the Gatsby, too many to mention really… many long shifts and hazy nights out.”

Mr Thompson explained how “Gatsby” was an institution in Sheffield, and meant a lot to many people. 

He said: “The initial closure during covid was sad moment for many across the city, especially those whose livelihoods depended on it. Obviously, it reopened again a year later to many people’s joy but unfortunately it seemed to never recover fully from its initial closure.”

The Foresters pub in Division Street.

Mr Thompson was 100% in support of the owner’s decision to start their new venture, adding that he has a great relationship with them – and that it was expected that he’d have the privilege to paint their new sign, which took five days to complete and showcases a modern take on the classic Serif font.

Mr Thompson’s Instagram, @chumschalks, has around 600+ followers, and showcases all of his work that he’s done around Sheffield, from signs to murals, to graphic design. He said he is often commissioned by many local businesses to help decorate or build their brand image.

Close-up shot of the front of The Foresters pub in Division Street.

He added: “Independent businesses are the heart and soul of any city. It’s unbelievably important to keep them running not only for the local economy but also for the cities culture. Without them everywhere would be the same corporate nightmare.”

Mr Thompson said this job was particularly important to him and added “the main difference on this job is the history that I have personally with the building. It really felt like a full circle moment giving it a new lease of life”.