A campaign group gathered outside Sheffield Cathedral to celebrate South Yorkshire’s 

Supertram coming back under public control.

After being privatised in 1997, South Yorkshire Supertram has now been placed under public control. The tram was previously owned by Stagecoach but will now be operated by South Yorkshire Future Tram Limited (SYFTL). 

‘Clearly we’ve got to focus on the core things, getting the trams cleaner, getting reliability to what people would expect’ says Will Dunnet from Supertram. 

Customers should not expect to see any immediate changes however the service has been approved for getting new card machines, a new app has been launched and a new logo. 

SYFTL put in a bid to get more funding from the Department of Transport as of yesterday evening and prices will be reviewed over the next 100 days of operation. 

A new tram stop at Magna in Rotherham has been approved and is predicted to be open in 2025.

The group Better Buses for South Yorkshire and various other campaigners met at Sheffield Cathedral to celebrate the announcement at 11 am today. 

The group stressed that the campaign was not over and that they wanted the buses put back under public control next.