An art studio event is taking place across Sheffield this bank holiday weekend, allowing spectators to visit local studios for free.

Open Up is an annual art event that has been running for over 25 years, where you can visit working art studios to chat to the artists and buy original pieces.

Wendy Carlton, one of the artists taking part in the event said: “I think people do enjoy just seeing the variety of skills in Sheffield, because there’s jewel makers and woodturners and sculptors and embroiderers. There’s just every range of art and craft.”

There are over 120 artists taking part in the event, who are displaying their art in studios all across the city.

Wendy says the event has something for everyone: “It’s not just for people who are into art, it’s for people who want to get interested in art and for those who are starting it as a hobby later in life. It’s for everyone.

“I welcome all the art students or anybody just interested in art. Because they can ask me about my techniques and how long I’ve been doing it and what paints I use. It’s not just for people who are after a piece of art.”

Wendy has been an artist all her life and says open up can inspire others to make a career from it: “It’s not ever been just my hobby. So they can see that you can make a living out of art. It’s not just got to be, oh, I’ll do it when I retire, or it’ll just be a hobby. You can see that people do art as a living. “

Wendy specialises in abstracts, florals and bold colours and is running her exhibition this weekend from her house in Dore.

She said: “I’m on my own, but at least I do put on a really big display to make it worthwhile. But its always been good because I tend to get more of the people who are actually looking specifically for my work.” 

The studios are open bank holiday weekend and the following weekend, for anyone to visit and a guide of the artists and their locations can be found on their website.