South Yorkshire Police (SYP) have been taking part in a week of action known as ‘Sceptre’ to highlight the work officers do daily to combat knife crime offences.

Detective Superintendent David Cowley, SYP’s force lead for violent crime, said: “Unfortunately we have seen too many incidents that involve knives this year, with one incident resulting in a life being lost.

“This is not acceptable, and we will endeavour to reduce the number of knives on the streets of South Yorkshire.” 

This comes after a Sheffield knife attack made national news in March, when 24-year-old Sacad Ali was fatally stabbed to death in Ponderosa Park. 

In the year 2023, there were 1532 serious offences involving a knife in South Yorkshire according to the Home Office.

Street Reach is an organisation dedicated to helping young people involved in knife crime, amongst other things. 

A spokesperson said: “Helping these young people is difficult but essential, and Sceptre week is so important to lower the levels of knife crime in Sheffield to keep our streets safe.”

Activities at the event will include conducting knife test purchase operations, delivering informative and educational sessions in schools and carrying out patrols in locations identified as hotspots of serious violence.